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A lot of the times the modern world confuses web designers with web developers. The titles are used interchangeably but is there actually a difference between the two? Take a guess. Yes there is.

By definition web designers are just that, designers. They do not delve into the code or mechanics it takes to make a website. Their work is to simply come up with the designs that visualize how a website will look – from web pages, to the menus and colors you end up seeing. Web designers are mainly meant to be visual folks.

Now let’s talk of web developers.

A web developer is the builder of a website. The construction man. Web developers are meant to know the code, the tools, plugins, libraries and any other mechanics needed to bring a website alive from the static designs/mock-ups provided to them by web designers.

However with the rise of the gig-economy the world got a lot of freelancers – one-man bands – like myself who can provide both the designs for your website and develop it afterwards. And that is how the ‘web designer’ and the ‘web developer’ titles became interchangeable, in my opinion.

So let’s wrap this topic up in a understandable way – in strict terms web designers are the architects of a building/website – they imagine and design the website, whilst web developers are the strong sweaty construction workers who put together the bricks and use tools to bring the architect’s imagination to life.

NB: Though I am technically a web developer, I call myself a web designer because I have always loved design and put design first in my work. Plus web designer sounds more trendy than the hardened ‘web developer’ title.

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