Koliwe Majama

Re-designing a website for a feminist consultant.
Koliwe Majama giving a presentation.
Koliwe Majama
Re-Design/Web Manager

Having someone asking many questions like a snoopy child can be irritating. But for Koliwe Majama this lead to a radical website redesign created to solve her unique needs.

In the beginning her brief was simple, Koliwe desired a new website design that made her portfolio section and website less “boring” to look at. However beauty is a subjective matter. To understand what she truly meant her and I probed deeper into why she had those sentiments about the website. We discovered that what Koliwe rightly needed was a website that made her portfolio section less text-centric and more visual. As for making the website beautiful to look at. That was up to me.

The Challenge

With the initial brief set Koliwe gave me the address to what is now her website old website.
With old design valuable sections of the website that could be more prominent were buried deep within the website or given low hierarchy. For instance her blog entries which were at the bottom of the homepage rather than closer to the top. The link to the blog on the navigation bar where anyone visiting the site was likely to click did not work. And her recent tweets section rather than show off the dynamic appeal of Twitter with its images, polls and other media was simply a text stream that missed out on providing tweets with full context.
The challenge – to come up with a design that made Koliwe most important works more discoverable resolves technical issues with her old design.


Learning from sources of inspiration and references from Pinterest and other websites I realised the most common element most portfolio sites had was method breaking up different awards or portfolio entries into fragments with relevant information that anyone could appreciate from a glance. I now had to come up a unique design that would do the same for Koliwe.
The outcome was a grid based homepage that separated items from each section into neat ‘cards’ with high quality photos and details representing different moments and credits from Koliwe’s career. All of this so that anyone could appreciate the value of Koliwe and her services from a glance. The re-design exhibits the recognition, stories, appearances and work from Koliwe’s 15 year career in the ICT, media and communications industry.

In conclusion rather than just taking the brief as is, it was beneficial to probe deeper and finally help Koliwe in meeting her business goals through a delightful design. The whole design is ever evolving and taking shape over with time. Go ahead and take visit it.

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Koliwe Majama Re-Design/Web Manager
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